Moments of Clarity

I have moments of complete clarity. I see that all of the good and bad is not truly good or bad, it just is. Everything leading up to this moment had to happen exactly the way it did to make this moment exactly the way it is.

Every single moment in my life, all of the pain, joy, and learning experienced lead me to be this exact person I am right now. Even if a grain of sand on the other side of the earth shifted a centimeter differently years ago, it would shift everything around it and lead to a different series of events that would make everyone and everything in this universe different.

Now the question is, do these alternate realities exist? And can I gain the perspective and learn the lessons from the alternate mes? The me that faced hardship after hardship or the me that lived a very rich and luxurious life from a young age. I think, no not think… I “feel” they exist. Do you?

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