What If…

What if you created this entire reality we call the universe. Then you decided you wanted to experience your creation from a humans perspective. So you inserted a piece of your consciousness inside a baby about to be born. As a baby and toddler, you knew yourself and you knew what you came here to do, but as you grew older you got wrapped up in this reality. You started to doubt yourself and believe what others told you was true. But you knew this would all happen before you came here. You knew you would forget everything and have to eventually reawaken to your full self. But you were smart so you inserted into this reality someone or something that would spark a memory or a feeling. This memory/feeling would then ignite the desire to start questioning your reality and beliefs you picked up from others along the way. What if you were far more than this physical body that you became identified with? What if you were everything? What if you found out you were a god?

Just a thought that came to me in meditation… 😉

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