Today I went for a bike ride and thought about abundance. I looked around and saw abundance everywhere. There was an abundance of trees, an abundance of flowers, an abundance of houses, an abundance of people walking, an abundance of air to breath, an abundance of light to see, an abundance of paths to take, an abundance of thoughts flowing through my head, and an abundance of ways to find more abundance.

When there is one of something there is always more of it somewhere. one cannot exist without two and three and so on, just as two and three and all of the numbers to infinity cannot exist without one. The same goes for zero. Zero exists only because one exists and one exists only because zero exists. Each is only possible because of the other.

One thought on “Abundance

  1. It’s interesting how we recognize the abundance of some things and other things We consider to be limited, Iike money. It’s all a mindset game. And yet, the existence of something also carries with it the flip side – the lack of existence of that thing. One cannot exist without the other, as you said. And when we pay more attention to the lack, we invite more lack. But when we recognize the abundance, we attract more abundance. It’s one or the other and it’s always a choice. Thanks for your inspiring posts

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