I used to have a strictly “scientific mind”, but that has changed dramatically. I didn’t believe in any organized religion and I didn’t even know if I believed in a “god”. I was so focused on my external reality and hardly ever looked within myself for answers. I was going about life trying to achieve success and happiness. I thought if I got a degree, found a nice job and made a lot of money I could find true happiness. I thought I wanted a family with a nice big house. I created that image in my head and worked towards it. As I worked towards that image, I felt something was off. At first, I ignored it, but the feeling grew. Eventually, this feeling was so big that it was affecting me mentally and emotionally.

I reached a breaking point and realized that I had to find a way to control my thoughts and emotions. I heard that meditation could help with this and decided to try it out. I started to meditate five minutes a day. At first, I was so frustrated because I realized that my thoughts were like a drunken monkey, scattered and out of control. How does one learn to control a drunken monkey? Then, I learned to observe my thoughts rather than try to control them. This helped me realize how my thoughts were affecting me throughout my day. My thoughts didn’t have as much control over me and I started to feel calmer and more peaceful.

As I continued to dive deeper into meditation, I started to have experiences that my “scientific mind” could not logically explain. I learned to open my mind up to these experiences and that’s when my reality shattered. Through meditation, I have realized that my being extends far beyond the limits of this physical body. I am truly a multidimensional being living a human experience. I am here to experience, learn and grow.

I want to continue to develop mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I want to travel and experience new places. I want to take on and learn from any challenges the universe presents to me. I want to create and share. I want to help others in any way possible. And I want to enjoy the journey of it all.

I created this website to express my thoughts, share my journey, inspire others, and showcase my creations. I am extremely grateful that you read this far and I send love and peace your way. I hope you find enjoyment from the rest of this site. You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.